Moving on up! Politicians bask in dollar appreciation

With the recent appreciation of the Jamaican dollar, a number of persons are seeing it as a result of positive developments in the country’s economy.

On Thursday (Dec. 19), the dollar appreciated against its US counterpart by a massive $3.23 cents in one go, a result garnered by the work of the central bank.

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Senator Aubyn Hill took to Twitter to call out the naysayers about the exchange rate by declaring “imagine this! Not a comment anywhere!! MARKET do go UP and Down” while tagging a Jamaica Observer article.

Senator Robert Nesta Morgan also used the Observer article to share his thoughts but only took three letters to make his point “OMG” which we are certain are aimed at the detractors.

Both posts have since drawn a number of responses with some persons exuding optimism while others note that it was just a part of utilizing a floating exchange rate policy.