Moving slowly: Bearers barely surviving this Christmas

Lionel Simpson has been a bearer for 13 years. (Photo: Shaquiel Brooks/BUZZ)

Christmas is normally the busiest time for bearers. With the heavy traffic on the road, their delivery services are usually in high demand. But business has been slow this festive season.

“Christmas is normally hectic, but dah one ya kinda deh pan a slow motion at the moment. And dem time ya yuh [usually] couldn’t even sit down, yuh nuh no time to scratch yuh head,” bearer Lionel Simpson told BUZZ.

“It look like the people dem nuh have no money, it slow dung di ting man, and a dat a everybody cry at the moment,” he added.

Simpson has been a bearer for 13 years now, and he said business has never been this bad. “This is the slowest Christmas mi see, over the years it tek time a decline, but it get worst this time,” he said, adding that he doen’t know how he’ll be buying his children gifts this season.

Simpson is concerned about how he’ll buy gifts for his children this season (Photo: Shaquiel Brooks/BUZZ)

Ricky Isaacs, a bearer for 10 years, is experiencing the same decline in business. He told BUZZ that he normally delivers clothing items, phones and phone gadgets, and was looking forward to business picking up this season, but he has been disappointed. “It kinda slow so far, but we deh ya a hold on and a try hope fi di best, my own nuh pick up yet suh mi nuh know” he said.

Traffic affecting bearers too

Ramon Bailey, another bearer admits that this Christmas has not been his best. But he has developed strategies to pull through.
“Mi market myself well, suh mi have a loyal customer base and people recommend me to other people. So right now mi a deliver goods all bout mi have a few Christmas gifts, documents and other things,” he said.

“But the traffic man, the traffic tight, so dat a slow tings down,” he said.