MP Colin Fagan urges PM to review April date to release COVID-19 funds

MP Colin Fagan

South East St Catherine MP Colin Fagan is urging the prime minister to immediately release the funds that he announced would be available to MPs to help with the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.

Fagan had asked for monies to be made available to MPs to help fight the spread of the virus and Prime Minister Andrew Holness had announced that each MP would receive $2 million.

However, those monies would not be available until April and only after the Constituency Development Fund Committee meets. According to Fagan, this is untenable.

“There are many persons with need for food, medicine and sanitizers; they heard the prime minister’s announcement and they think we have it which result in persons putting pressure on their representatives,” he said.

The MP said the fight against the spread of the virus is at a critical point, so to wait until April to bring everyone into the fight is missing an opportunity. “For me personally I am anxious to get the resource so I can do more than what I am able to do,” he said.

He is urging the PM to reconsider the April date and have the CDF Committee meet urgently to address the matter.