MP wants Portmore doctors engaged in COVID-19 fight

Member of Parliament Colin Fagan.

Opposition MP Colin Fagan is calling on the government to engage, immediately, the doctors in Portmore in a public-private partnership to aid in curtailing the spread of Covid-19.

According to the South East St Catherine MP, Portmore is fortunate to have numerous doctors across the length and breadth of the city. He said they should be engaged by the government to assist in the effort to curb the present crisis and ease the burden on medical facilities namely the Kingston Public and Spanish Town Hospitals.

“The government facility that is in South East St Catherine is a Type II clinic and is incapable of housing any great number of persons. There are private facilities here that are capable of turning around test in short order as well as quarantining persons,” Fagan said.

Portmore is an ever-growing suburban area and is said to boast an estimated population that well exceeds that of Barbados and other Caribbean islands. He said the majority working-class residents in Portmore do not fully utilize the public health facilities, opting instead to use private facilities. This, he said, has resulted in the private medical facilities there becoming highly developed.