Nakers, I stuttered: MSNBC reporter denies saying N-word while covering Kobe Bryant’s passing

Alison Morris (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBCUniversal)

An MSNBC reporter on Sunday (Jan 26) denied allegations that she used the N-word while reporting on the death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant.

Allison Morris was on air discussing Bryant’s importance to the Los Angeles Lakers when it is alleged that she uttered the racial slur.

“It seems like he was just the kind of athlete, the kind of star that was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles,” said Morris prior to the alleged use of the N-word.

Clips of the live newscast, shared online, sent social media users into a frenzy, with many calling for the American cable television to fire Morris. Morris immediately took to Twitter to explain herself, noting that she had stuttered on air and apologized for the confusion.

The reporter’s tweet, which was aimed at clarifying what had happened, was not well received by some on Twitter, who went on to further bash Morris for lying.