Municipal corporation can’t intervene in some development breaches

Town planner Andrene McLaren of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation.

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation says it cannot intervene in development matters that involve breaches of residents’ title covenant.

Representatives of the KSMC were responding Thursday to queries at the RJR/Gleaner Group’s town hall meeting where discussions were centred around the increasing number of high rise residential buildings in Kingston.

Residents have raised concerns that approval for developments are being granted in instances where the residents have raised their objections.

Corporate Area residents at the town hall meeting.

A representative of the KSMC, Andrene McLaren, advised that a notice of objection only comes into play when certain types of constructions are involved, such as bars and other commercial structures.

She said advice from the Attorney Generals Department is that the KMC cannot intervene in a case where title covenants are breached, as it is not a party to those covenants.

A resident also questioned developers being allowed to continue with construction even when the courts have put a stay on the development approval. She further explained that depending on the avenue that is used to take the matter to court, the corporation is often not aware of the cases.