‘Name and shame them’: Tufton lauds Jamaicans as reports of quarantine breaches increase

Jamaican Twitter users are calling on Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton to deliver on his promise to charge persons who breach the mandated, 14-day quarantine order as reports are on the rise this weekend.

As Jamaicans, we are sometimes our own worst enemy, an unfortunate reality for the rules that govern this island as well as those deemed most vulnerable.

Amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, several citizens have taken to social media to report fellow Jamaicans who recently returned to the island and refuse to abide by the mandated 14-day quarantine protocol.

While it’s not a particularly good feeling watching loved ones flaunt the rules keeping the wider population safe from the worst of the pandemic, Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton insists the reports of breaches help in the national response to COVID-19.

Minister Tufton was among many Jamaican Twitter users over the weekend lauding fellow citizens who brought the quarantine breaches to the government’s attention.

It’s good to be home, especially in the midst of a pandemic ravaging the world, but it serves no benefit to the rest of the country if you are selfish, reckless and stubborn.

This isn’t a game, BUZZ fam. And it’s certainly not a rule that applies to some alone. A serious outbreak could bring Jamaica’s ailing public health sector to a devastating collapse. It only takes one mistake for things to go horribly wrong.

Other Twitter users reacted in disdain at the continued refusal to abide by the quarantine, as they, having returned to the island, felt it was within their responsibility to isolate themselves for the required 14-day period—only to see wanton carelessness.

Many of the Jamaican Twitterati have encouraged the authorities to follow through with the promise of criminal charges for those who breach the quarantine order upon their arrival to the island. I fully endorse this sentiment.

Be it for business or pleasure, you already passed the greatest hurdle being approved to return home. It is, therefore, your duty to show some regard for the rest of us making the sacrifices since the first case was reported in March.

It’s probably important to note that we are by no means over the worst of this outbreak. With the political climate this high and a general election in a few weeks, the ingredients are so ripe for the coronavirus to further impact our society.

So please, stay home, self-isolate for the two weeks and let’s continue to control the spread of COVID-19.