NCU staff get 10 per cent salary cut

Employees at the Northern Caribbean University will be getting a salary cut of 10 per cent effective June 1. The University says this is in response to the reduced revenue inflows caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the university said more salary reduction is pending if the institution’s financial position does not improve to meet future payments.

NCU president, Dr Lincoln Edwards made the announcement to workers during a virtual meeting on Monday.

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NCU president, Dr Lincoln Edwards

The NCU president said the coronavirus epandemic had dried up sources of income for many students through the Colporteur ministry or working abroad.

This, he said, has been compounded by loss of family support due to closure of the tourism and other industries, reduced remittance inflows and inability of family members who are farmers to sell their produce as well as students losing employment on campus.

He also pointed to reduced income from the Seventh-day Adventist conferences, which traditionally assist in funding the university.