Nesta Carter officially retires from track and field

Jamaican athlete Nesta Carter has retired

Jamaican Olympic gold medalist and the eighth fastest man in history, Nesta Carter has officially retired from track and field.

In a statement, 35-year-old Carter said he is no longer able to give of his best.

“From my humble beginnings as an 18-year-old running the 100 m in 10.56 at track meets in Jamaica to the pinnacle of athletic performance in 2012, where I ran the first leg on the Jamaica n 4 X`100 relay team at the London Olympics, winning Gold and setting the still-standing world record of 36.84, I have always given my best,” the statement read.

“I am no longer able to give of my best as an athlete to the sport that I know and love. As a result, and for other reasons, I am announcing my retirement from track and field as an athlete.”

Carter also revealed that his decision was influenced by an unnamed medical condition, which he said has prevented him from training and competing since March of this year. He also shared that medication prescribed by his doctor to treat his condition breaches anti-doping rules.

Faced with the choice to choose between his health and career, he choose his health.

Carter, who hails from Banana Ground, the birthplace of the fastest woman alive-Elaine Thompson, expressed his gratitude to all those who have played a part in developing his talent.

“I end my career with a personal best of 9.78 seconds over 100 m, which places me among the best to have competed.”