New guidelines announced for police lock-ups amid coronavirus pandemic

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) earlier this week announced new guidelines at police lock-ups to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in these areas.

The new guidelines are as follows:

  • Visits will be based on a schedule which will be communicated to potential visitors in advance by Divisional Commanders.
  • Visitors will not be allowed face to face interactions.
  • Only essential items will be accepted (for example meals, medication, toiletries and clothing).
  • All items accepted will be sanitised.
  • Clothing, as well as other approved items will be isolated for a period of time before they are given to persons in custody.

The police are urging persons to comply with the instructions of the police officers at the lock-ups to ensure a sterile environment and minimise the transmission of the coronavirus.