New process to get a learner driver’s licence coming soon


The process to obtain a Provisional (Learner) Drivers Licence will change as of January 25.

If you want to get a ‘Learner licence’ you will now have to do a test first.

This multiple choice Road Code Test will be done at the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) Examination Depots, free of cost.

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Application forms for the provisional licence can be picked up at all Examination Depots, Tax Offices, or from the website of the Ministry of Transport and Mining, and Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

After you’ve completed the form, it should be submitted to the ITA Depot, where you will take the test along with three identical certified photographs.

If you pass the Road Code Test, a notation will be made on the form, and the information entered into a database shared between the ITA and TAJ.

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You will then receive the form in a sealed envelope for you to submit to a Tax Office of your choice for the Provisional Licence to be processed.

At the Tax Office, the form will be vetted and validated before you will pay a fee of $1,800 and issued the Provisional Driver’s Licence, with the payment receipt affixed. But if you fail the test, you will be advised to make an appointment to retake the test. Until further notice, re-sits will be without charge to the applicant.