New Xbox more powerful than PlayStation 5?

New spec leaks hint that the Xbox Series X system will be more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

2020 will be a big year for gaming. Major players Microsoft and Sony will release new versions of the Xbox and PlayStation game consoles. The upgrade should bring better graphics and power for higher resolution games and faster frame rates.

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X will use AMD Zen 2 processors, custom Navi-based graphics and fast SSDs. However, if rumours prove true, the next-generation Xbox Series X could be more powerful than the upcoming PS5.

Eurogamer somehow got leaked information pointing to the alleged specs of the PS5. The leak also seemed to included specs of the upcoming Xbox Series X which were very interesting. The supposed leak seemed sketchy at first; however, the site is now more confident that the information is accurate.

Supposed Xbox Series X specs. (Image: Eurogamer)

According to Eurogamer, test results from the alleged PS5 chip codenamed Oberon leaked. The leak suggests that the PS5 has 36 GPU compute units clocked at 2GHz. Interestingly, the chip seems to be able to run at lower clock speeds, mimicking the settings of the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

By running in these modes, the PS5 may be highly backwards compatible; good news for gamers who may want to keep their old games and play on their new system. The leak also hinted that the PS5 uses GDDR6 memory which is substantially faster than the previous generation.

Alleged PS5 specs. (Image: Eurogamer)

The leak was more specific about the PS5; however, it reveals fragments of another system believed to be the Xbox Series X chip, codenamed Arden. The Xbox data is sparse, but from what was pieced together, we see a GPU with a whopping 56 compute units. That’s 20 more than the PS5. Those specs would ensure the Xbox Series X has top-tier console performance akin to some gaming PCs. The news is exciting, but it raises a few questions.

At launch, the current-gen Xbox One was less powerful than the PS4 yet US$100 more expensive. The price undoubtedly contributed to higher PS4 sales numbers and Sony winning this generation of the console wars. Also, the PS4 had more exclusive titles at launch.

Now, it seems things may be turning in Microsoft’s favour, but that’s debatable. On the one hand, it seems Microsoft has the more powerful console, on the other hand, Sony may be using less expensive tech that could still do 4K gaming at 60 fps, but keep the cost down.

Alleged PS5 dev kit. (Photo: “The Drunk Cat” – Twitter)

It appears as if Microsoft wants to blast out the gate with the more powerful tech. However, if history serves as a teacher, they had better keep the price in the US$400 range. Sony has immense brand loyalty, so, a higher Xbox Series X price tag certainly spells defeat. The Xbox could have another ace up its sleeve as Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the next-gen Xbox Series X would have the most exclusive titles of any Xbox to date.

None of the leaks is confirmed information. Each company may make changes to each product. However, it is unlikely at this stage of development. It will be a hot console battlefield come this fall, into 2021 and beyond.