Newcomer Canopy Insurance commits to ‘transforming health industry’

(From left) Chairman of Canopy Insurance, Don Wehby, Health Minister Christopher Tufton and Canopy managing director, Sean Scott.
(Photo: Christopher Lewinson/BUZZ)

What started out as a bold idea to disrupt and transform the health insurance industry, officially became a reality with the launch of Canopy Insurance on Thursday, January 16.

Backed by two of Jamaica’s leading companies – Grace Kennedy and the Musson Group, Canopy combines the sincerity of old-school customer care and the efficiency and simplicity of modern technology to deliver a “frictionless, hassle-free experience” to all their members.

A screengrab from Canopy Insurance’s website

Chairman of Canopy, Senator Don Wehby, speaking at the launch, shared that the insurance company was borne after a careful and strategic analysis of the group health and life insurance landscape in Jamaica.

“Both Grace Kennedy and Musson [looked] at the value and service received in exchange for the premium our companies pay annually, to provide these benefits to our own employees. Our research showed a large market that was underserved and that presented an opportunity,” said Wehby

Canopy Insurance Chairman Don Wehby (Photo: Christopher Lewinson/BUZZ)

Canopy, which commenced operations in October 2019, today boasts a member base of 10,000 individuals which reflects 1-in-5 interested customers that have made the switch to their innovative approach. 

The company promises to make unnecessary paperwork a thing of the past, with all clients and members having access to an innovative online portal, which, according to Managing Director Sean Scott, is a “first for Jamaica”.

Canopy managing director, Sean Scott. ( Photo: Christopher Lewinson/BUZZ)

“The team at Canopy understands that the last thing a person should be worried about during a medical crisis is tackling the complex bureaucracy of their health insurer,” the Canopy Managing Director said.

“Therefore, we have raised the bar for member experience, and through our unique online portal all members will be able to manage all aspects of their benefit plan through the click of a button,” Scott explained.

Sean Scott, managing director of Canopy Insurance (Photo: Christopher Lewinson/BUZZ)

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton, welcomed Canopy to the insurance market which has been dominated by two companies for over a decade and a half, sharing that it has come at a time when most Jamaicans are “woefully under-insured at a time when they cannot afford to be”.

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton at the launch of Canopy Insurance in New Kingston, on Thursday. (Photo: Christopher Lewinson/BUZZ)

He further stated that “with Jamaicans being under-insured, it leads to too many people being denied access to timely medical care, thus supporting the need for the National Health Insurance Plan, towards the provision of universal access to health care which will be complementary to private health insurance coverage.”

Canopy Health Insurance is now available to all working Jamaicans.