Newsflash from Tufton: Bleaching cream and plastic surgery won’t offset ageing

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton took a sharp jab at Jamaicans using bleaching cream and plastic surgery to hide ageing.

Health Minister Christopher Tufton takes a jab at persons who bleach and use plastic surgery to hide the effects of ageing.

Tufton went off-script Tuesday morning (Sept 10) during the launch of Caribbean Wellness Day. He scolded persons whom he said did not take care of themselves but are now relying on bleaching products and plastic surgery to help offset the effects of ageing.

“Bleaching cream is unhealthy. It is not going to make you look better and enjoy the longevity of life. It won’t solve the ageing issue and, I am sorry, the plastic surgery thing might make you look a little nicer yes, take out a few of the wrinkles here and there.

“But there are some fundamental underpinning of healthy ageing driven by science, research and best practices that part of today should recognise and promote, starting with living a lifestyle that moderate consumption habits, with physical activities each day and health checks on a frequent basis so you understand your underlining conditions and risk and take preventative measure. There is no overly complicated solution to dealing with minimising the risk associated with ageing.”