Nigerian politician collapses on live TV during corruption hearing

Professor Daniel Pondie. (Photo:

Pandemonium broke out in the Nigerian House of Representatives on Monday afternoon (July 20) as Professor Daniel Pondie fainted while being interrogated about his alleged involvement in a multi-billion-dollar corruption scandal.

The drama unfolded on live television as Pondie, the acting managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), had fellow officials coming to his rescue attempting to revive him.

House of Representatives members were probing Pondie on the misuse of extra-budgetary expenditure incurred, when he suddenly collapsed at around 1:00 pm local time. He couldn’t respond to questions from the chairman of the probe panel.

A snippet of the live hearing has gone viral on Twitter, watch below:

While the Nigerian regained consciousness shortly afterward, Pondei left the panel after feeling unwell and could not continue his defence.

Held at Conference Room 231 in the capital Abuja, the investigative hearing on illegal spending and mismanagement of funds got underway for about 45 minutes when Pondie fainted.

According to the Nigerian Vanguard, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on the Niger Delta, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, also stepped aside as head of the panel investigating alleged corruption at the NDDC.

“Tunji-ojo resigned at 11:37 am on Monday, at hearing room 231, House Wing of the National Assembly, after a 4-minute speech, where he said he was ready to face the anti-corruption agencies for allegations of corruption,” the Vanguard indicated.