No fare increase for Jamaican taxi operators

Despite an increase in fuel among other rising costs, local taxi operators will not be getting a fare increase.

Transport Minister Robert Montague made the announcement while making his contribution to the sectoral debate on Wednesday (May 26).

According to Montague, the fare increase would not be granted due to the pandemic which has resulted in a loss of employment for some in the travelling public.

In addition, Montague said some operators had failed to improve their services and have been disobeying the rules , citing that some drivers have refused to wear their uniform and have again re applied tints to their vehicles.

“ We are in the midst of a pandemic, and thousands of people have lost their jobs, they are not earning. Equally, operators and investors are struggling to keep afloat. In some instances, while the travelling public is not seeing an improvement in the service,” said Montague.

“We started the wearing of uniforms, and some people have stopped. The loud music and tints are coming back. When the Transport Authority (TA) and police try to enforce the rules, some people resist, sometimes violently. We all agree that we can’t continue like this,” added Montague.

Following Montague’s announcement some taxi operators have said that they would be withdrawing their service, while at least one taxi group has revealed that it plans to push for another meeting with the minister.

Some taxi operators have gone close to five years without an increase,  and are requesting a 50 per cent raise in fares.