NO: Iran refuses to hand over black boxes from deadly plane crash

A tragedy: One rescue worker looks at a manged section of the wing of a Kyiv-bound Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 plane that crashed after takeoff from Tehran on Wednesday (Photo:

The Islamic Republic of Iran says it will not be handing over the flight data recorders to plane-maker Boeing or the United States in the wake of Wednesday deadly crash involving a Ukraine International 737 airliner.

Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority, Ali Abedzadeh, in a statement to the Mehr news agency said the black boxes would be analyzed in the country where the accident took place, in accordance with international standards.

Abedzadeh also indicated that Ukrainian investigators would be a part of the process, while not ruling out involving the US in any stage of the investigation.

Head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority Ali Abedzadeh (Photo:

“We will not give the black box to the manufacturer [Boeing] or America,” he declared.

Iran is within its right to refuse any request for the black boxes as under international laws, the investigation into an air crash is held by the state of occurrence (i.e. where it happened.)

Iran would be the state of occurrence in this case, as the plane crashed minutes after takeoff from the capital city Tehran.

Iran’s decision protected by international law

In accordance with stipulations by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Iran must, however, produce a preliminary report stating the basic facts within 30 days, although this timeframe is often extended.

Without going into much detail about the crash that claimed all 176 lives on board, Abedzadeh noted that the pilot had not communicated any problems to the air traffic control, but in his estimation, it was still too early to tell what had caused the tragedy.

“The cause of the accident will not be discovered or announced until the black box is analysed,” the head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority argued.

The Kiev-bound Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 plane crashed after takeoff from Tehran on Wednesday morning.

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