No more pit latrines: 10,000 toilets and bathrooms to be installed in Grenada

The Grenadian Government, through the Ministry of Social Development and Housing, will be embarking on a project that will give grants to thousands of persons, currently using pit latrines to enable them to construct bathrooms and toilets with potable water.

According to Delma Thomas, the Minister for Social Development and Housing, funding for the project will be through the additional EC$5 million (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) allocated to her Ministry in the 2020 budget which is currently being debated in Parliament.

“We must get rid of health hazards in our communities.”

— Delma Thomas, Grenada’s Minister for Social Development and Housing

“Inside bathrooms are basic human rights. Recently, we are seeing a significant shift from pit latrines to toilets and bathrooms. It is a health hazard, and we must get rid of health hazards in our communities,” she said while deliberating on the programmes of her ministry as part of the budget debate.

She indicated that there will be challenges to implementing the projects for some homeowners because there will be issues with land ownership for erecting these concrete structures because not everyone owns the land where the homes are located.

The plan is to install 10,000 toilets and bathrooms throughout the island.