The mission continues: Shaggy donates gifts to kids at Bustamante Hospital

International reggae artiste Shaggy continues to offer support to the Bustamante Children’s hospital. On Monday (Dec 17), the Boombastic artiste donated gifts to children at the hospital who won’t be able to make it home for Christmas. 

Shaggy posted photos of the gifts on his Instagram page with the caption, ‘NO ONE WILL EVER DERAIL US FROM OUR MISSION… THE CARING CONTINUES.’

The statement is an obvious reference to the recent debacle set off by media reports, which stated that the Bustamante Children’s Hospital was yet to benefit from the $100 million raised at the Shaggy and Friends benefit concert two years ago.

Shaggy’s Make a Difference Foundation spreading Christmas cheers (Photo: @direalshaggy)

The Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation has since cleared its name. It explained that the foundation had committed to increasing the bed capacity in the ICU, but the unit would first need to be expanded. It was also stated that the foundation’s policy is to give equipment, not money after the biennial concerts, which Shaggy has been hosting since 2009. 

Shaggy even presented a bank statement to the media which showed that the money was still in the foundation’s account. 

Shaggy addressing the media over the $100 donation earlier this year

Most gifts donated in 25 years

In his Instagram post, Shaggy expressed gratitude to the people who continue to support him. “Gotta take time out to say a special THANK YOU’ to our wonderful volunteers who so tirelessly year after year, give their time and effort in wrapping hundreds of presents for these young children who won’t be spending Christmas at home. We thank them for their love, their big hearts and commitment to the children of Jamaica,” he wrote. 

This is the most gifts that the foundation has ever donated in its 25 years (Photo: @direalshaggy)

“For the past 25 years, we’ve been doing this treat, this is the most presents we have bought. Just to show how many patients are currently at Bustamante children hospital presently,” he continued.

Shaggy is grateful for his volunteers (Photo: @direalshaggy)