No permits will be granted for holiday events – McKenzie

Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie made it very clear during a sitting of parliament on Tuesday (December 8) that no permits will be granted for entertainment events during the upcoming holiday period. 

Mayor of Kingston Desmond McKenzie

“I want to repeat, no permits will be granted for any events taking place across the country,” said McKenzie.

McKenzie said he wanted to be clear that it was not the administration’s intention to “stifle” the entertainment industry but noted that the realities of the pandemic made it impossible for them to grant such permits. 

“As we get deeper into the festive season, I want to make the point that it is not the government’s intention to stifle the entertainment sector. That argument is being put out here Madam Speaker, the government has no intention in stifling the entertainment sector, but we are guided by the advice of the health sector,” said McKenzie. 

McKenzie went on to again stress that no permits of any kind would be granted, listing parties, bike shows and round robins among the lot. 

The minister said that there would be close collaboration between the government and the police to ensure that law and order is maintained. 

“And there will be a team out there on a daily and nightly basis, Madam Speaker, that will be policing the various areas, and we’ll be providing information as necessary,” added McKenzie.