No spectators at Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus surge

Over the past month, Japan has been seeing a steady increase in the number of coronavirus cases. Because of this officials will not be allowing any spectators at the Olympic Games which are only two weeks away.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshide Suga announced on Thursday that the Olympic Games will take place under a coronavirus state of emergency.

The Olympic Games will start on July 23 through Sunday, August 8 meanwhile, the state of emergency will be in effect  from July 12 through August 22

“Taking into consideration the effect of coronavirus variants and not to let the infections spread again to the rest of the nation, we need to strengthen our countermeasures,” the BBC reports Suga saying.

Japan has recorded at least 814,315 cases and 14,865 deaths due to coronavirus since the pandemic. So far, it has vaccinated only 15 per cent of its population.

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto apologized to those who were looking to attend the game; “It is regrettable that we are delivering the Games in a very limited format, facing the spread of coronavirus infections. I am sorry to those who purchased tickets and everyone in local areas.”

Initially, international fans were banned from attending the games, but no one spectators will be allowed in.