‘No total lockdown’: PM moves to reassure business sector

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is assuring the business sector that the Government is making all decisions around the COVID-19 crisis with great discretion to ensure that the economy doesn’t collapse.

He said the Government does not intend for the country to go into total lockdown, and that businesses should be assured that the Government is moving with discernment, and reviewing restriction measures almost on a daily basis.

Holness expressed that a total lockdown is one tool available but it is one the Government reserves for extreme circumstances.

The Government, he noted, has two objectives, “contain and slow down the spread of the disease while allowing businesses to operate as much as possible”.

He made the remarks at a digital press conference at Jamaica House Thursday evening (April 8).

The prime minister said the government continues to strike a delicate balance between protecting the economy, and the health of the Jamaican people at the same time.