Not another talk shop, please

President of Trinidad and Tobago Paula Mae Weekes.

The first-ever Caribbean Congress on Adolescent and Youth Health (CCAYH) has been warned that it should not be another talk shop and that policies should be articulated towards the development of young people in the region.

Trinidad and Tobago’s President Paula Mae Weekes, told the opening ceremony on Monday night (Oct 14) that perhaps, more importantly, it should be a platform for young people eager to have their voices heard “loudly and clearly…and share their aspirations”.

She said it should also allow them to lend their perspectives and pout their suggestions on the table for serious and deliberate consideration.

“I hope that this first Caribbean Congress on Adolescent and Youth Health with its theme Championing our wealth: Promoting the health and well-being of adolescents and youth in the Caribbean, will not be tagged with a talk shop brush, but to contribute to where policy and programme shifts in our respective nations,” she said.