‘Not done yet’: Yohan Blake speaks after failing to qualify in men’s 100m

Jamaican sprinter, Yohan Blake

Yohan Blake is expressing gratitude to his supporters who stood by him even after he did not qualify for the 100m finals in Tokyo on Sunday.

In a disappointing comeback, Blake finished 6th in his semi-final run with a time of 10.14. And for the first time after three consecutive titles, Jamaica had no representative in the men’s 100m final.

Naturally, the country’s track and field fans were disappointed in Blake’s performance, and some even went as far as trolling him on social media. But while thanking his loyal fans for standing by him, the 31-year-old sprinter also had some facts for those who were critical of his career.

“Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been supporting me not just now but from my school days. “It’s not an easy road, many see the glamour and the glitter so dem think a bed of rose.” But as Buju Banton says, who feels it knows!,” he started the lengthy post on Instagram.

Blake who has four Olympic medals under his belt, as well as breaking three world records, and is currently a record holder in the 4x100m and 4x200m relay says he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.

“If it was an easy road I wouldn’t want to take that one. Challenges are what make you strong. But I’m not here to prove anything, I’m the 2nd fastest man not in the world but in the universe, in the history of everything and no one can take that away from me and what I’ve done,” he said.

“Im not here to prove or explain myself or anything, I give GOD THANKS, I’m grateful for what I have achieved in Track & Field. I’ve achieved a lot and I’m not done yet! The fight is still on!,” he added.