NOT SO: Opposition clarifies statement on State of Emergency

Fitz Jackson

Opposition spokesman on national security Fitz Jackson, says a media report of a “marriage” between a further extension of the States of Emergency and the passage of the Banking Services (Amendment) Act, is inaccurate.

The legislation was piloted as a private members bill by Jackson in the House of Representatives in 2017.

Jackson said in a statement that the report does not represent the position of the Parliamentary Opposition. He explained that he was approached by reporters, who were interested in his plans for bringing the Bill back on top of the Parliamentary agenda. According to Jackson, one reporter suggested a possible “marriage” but that this has not been proposed as a considered approach for the Party, and was never discussed internally by the PNP Parliamentary group or leadership of the Party.

Meanwhile, Jackson said the Banking Services Bill is extremely important to bringing relief to Jamaicans from high banking fees, and he will continue to pursue its passage in Parliament. He said the Opposition would be vigorous in pushing for the new Banking Services law in 2020. “With the push towards using electronic payments and lessen the risk of carrying around cash, the fees had become burdensome particularly to low wage earners,” Jackson said.