Not true! US Embassy puts extradition rumours to bed

The United States Embassy in Jamaica, in an unforeseen move, has come forward to clear the air on a matter that has taken social media by storm in recent times.

The matter involves rumours circulating that the US had submitted an extradition request for high ranking political figures in Jamaica to include Minister Daryl Vaz and that a plane was here to do the pick-up.

A number of persons have been trying to verify the rumours’ authenticity even with Daryl Vaz coming out to deny them and indicating that they were actually working with the Embassy on the current revocation of his visa.

However, it seemed the matter would not die down and on Sunday, the Embassy using Twitter made this declaration.

“Contrary to social media rumors: There is no extradition request(s) for any Minister of the Jamaican Government from the United States Government. The Jamaican Government has been very cooperative with the United States Government on these matters”.

Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson Smith responded to the tweet saying, “Many thanks for your clarification! Much appreciated. [Emojis: JM US]”.