Nothing to worry about! Joe Biden explains persistent cough while giving speech

US president-elect, Joe Biden

“It’s just a bit of a cold.” That was US president-elect, Joe Biden’s explanation for the persistent cough that permeated his post-electoral-vote speech.

Biden addressed American after electors in the 50 states and the District of Columbia confirmed that he had won 306 electoral votes to President Trump’s 232. But his voice was sounded kinda hoarse and he repeatedly paused to cough or clear his throat.

Naturally, viewers were concerned and some took to Twitter to express this.

However, in a call with supporters after the speech, Biden said he was fine, and his cough was nothing to worry about.

“Thank you, I have a little bit of a cold, I’m sorry, but look, you know, you did it, you did it, not a joke,” Biden said during the livestream, according to Fox News.

According to the New York Post, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris get tested routinely for coronavirus.

The president-elect was last tested on Friday.