Now you see it… Social media users slam Health Ministry for deleting COVID expense post

The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) has come under fire after it removed from public view, a document that appeared to have detailed government expenditure in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton

The MOHW on Sunday (May 3) shared to its official Instagram account, a six page document showcasing a breakdown of spending activity as it relates to items procured for dealing with the pandemic.

The post which was captioned, “details of MOHW #COVID19 expenditure to date” had only been up for a few minutes before it was quickly pulled from the social media platform.

BUZZ obtained a screenshot of the first page of the document in question.

“The GOJ has put out other information for transparency. Why was this pulled from public view.”

– Social media user

The document, which details purchases made on March 15 through to March 16, revealed that the government bought items such as water tanks, laundry tubs, medical supplies, and furniture for quarantine facilities. In addition, the government also paid for the servicing of fire extinguishers.

Some of the vendors visible on the document include Courts Jamaica Ltd, Singer Jamaica Ltd, C.A.G.S. Ltd, LP Azar, Azan’s Super Centre, Rototech International Ltd and others.

Some social media users, who had an opportunity to scroll through the document before it was removed, chastised the ministry for what they labelled ‘unnecessary spending’.

The first of six pages of the document removed from the Health Ministry’s Instagram account.

Further, others slammed the ministry for removing the post, criticising it and the Andrew Holness-led administration for its apparent lack of transparency.

“The GOJ (Government of Jamaica) put out a COVID19 expenses on IG and then removed it same day. The GOJ has put out other information for transparency. Why was this pulled from public view? Jamaica does NOT need trolls explaining why or surmising,” said one woman on Twitter.

“I agree with this!!! After all is tax payers money,” added another user in agreement.

 The MOHW, in a release issued last Friday (May 1), said it has spent $2.5 billion to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in the country so far.