NWA not staffed for volume of road works, says Masterbuilders Association president

President of the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica (IMAJ), Lenworth Kelly, is recommending that the National Works Agency (NWA) procure external engineers to ensure the quality of roadworks being done across the island.

Kelly made the suggestion on a local radio programme, noting he believes the NWA is inadequately staffed to deal with the volume of roadworks necessary due to recent heavy rains.

“There is much more than is normal to be done,” said Kelly.

The IMAJ president said external engineers were needed now more than ever given the extensive damage to the road network and, and that similar consideration should be given to parochial roads.

Kelly previously said that local contractors were not to be blamed for the poor road conditions following the heavy rains.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observe, he said local contractors are often given insufficient funds to carry out road rehabilitation projects.