NWC to write-off $500-m in outstanding balances

The National Water Commission (NWC) will write-off $500 million in a move to discount outstanding balances for residential customers.

The utility company yesterday announced a 30 per cent discount on outstanding balances for its residential customers to help them with the economic effects of the coronavirus.

President of the National Water Commission, Mark Barnett, said some 19,000 customers are expected to benefit from the move.

“Starting today, May 6, there will be a 30 per cent discount to customers right across the board in both condominium and residential categories for those who owe amounts in excess of 90 days. This significant discount is available to those customers whose debt is more than 90 days,” Barnett said during a virtual press conference.

President of the National Water Commission, Mark Barnett

The discount will be reflected in the bills of NWC customers for the period May 6 to July 31.

“On average monthly, there are about 19,000 customers who we believe are in a position to take up this offer quite quickly. Combining those customers who may have been inactive — who may have been disconnected for not paying but have demonstrated in the past a willingness to pay — plus those customers who wouldn’t necessarily pay their full bills on a monthly basis, these are the customers who would really benefit because, by their own action, they have demonstrated an interest and a willingness to pay their water bills,” Barnett said.

The NWC also forgo $50 million in reconnection fees from customers whose service was disconnected before March 10.