Obey the law: Governor-General urges Bajans to play their part in COVID-19 fight

Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason is urging Barbadians to obey the 10-hour curfew and that it is the responsibility of every Barbadian to cooperate with the government and designated authorities to ensure the island did not become like the developed world, with overburdened health systems as a result of COVID-19.

Governor-General of Barbados, Dame Sandra Mason

“Barbados is as prepared and as ready to fight this disease as it could possibly be. Under the Prime Minister’s direction, members of the Cabinet, the COVID-19 Czar, the Chief Medical Officer, other health professionals, ancillary services and government teams, have been working tirelessly on our behalf,” she said in a rare radio and television broadcast on Sunday night.

“By our actions, let us keep our country safe and protected.”

— Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason

“We must comply with their instructions, guidance and advice. Keep physical distances from others and observe strict sanitary practices. Obey the law. Keep the curfew. Stay indoors. To do otherwise, would be to undermine their hard work, and put ourselves and our families in jeopardy. By our actions, let us keep our country safe and protected,” she urged.

Keeping the Bajan spirit alive

Barbados has so far recorded 33 cases of the virus that was first detected in China last December and blamed for more than 35,000 deaths worldwide so far.

Dame Sandra noted that Barbados, like the rest of the world, is in troubled and unchartered waters as a result of the virus.

She said dealing with the unknown makes citizens uncertain, anxious and fearful, and encouraged persons not to let such feelings overwhelm or paralyze them.

But she said Barbados had emerged stronger after facing difficult circumstances and global crises in the past.

“COVID-19 is pushing us to once again value human life, companionship, friends, relatives, neighbours, the sense of community and quiet time; to be grateful for what we have. Barbadians are compassionate, resilient, strong and tenacious,” she said.

Dame Sandra said this was a time for caring and sharing as there would be hardship for many Barbadians. She underscored, therefore, the importance of people keeping the Bajan spirit alive of looking out for, and sharing with each other.

“This is not a time for profiteering, panic buying, or hoarding as this will prevent other Barbadians from getting necessary supplies. We are better than that. The cruelty of the times can only be combatted with kindness to each other,” she insisted while thanking all Barbadians working on the front lines of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.