Of all the things to be… ‘badmind’?

There are certain character flaws that are utterly despised by Jamaicans and you should endeavour to never be labelled as.

Top of the list? Badmind.

Songs have been written about it, many a round table discussion spent lambasting those guilty of it and endless resentment towards those who’ve shown signs of it towards you.

The phrase evokes such negative reactions from people that when someone is accused of it, it is almost a guaranteed fight or argument. Some people wallow in it, others are in denial but their actions speak louder than their words. 

A pastor once joked that it and not football was the national past time. But what exactly do we call ‘badmind’?

The Urban Dictionary refers to it as ‘someone resentful of the fortune or success of others, wishing for their ruin, downfall, failure…” The Patois translation has a similar leaning, holding that it is people who hate others because of their accomplishments.’

Whichever definition you prefer, it comes down to the same conclusion: it is not a good thing to be.

So how do you spot traces of badmind in people and even yourself? 

Examine the checklist.

1. You either consciously or subconsciously try to undermine relationships around you. You just cannot let others be great.

2. Even when you say good things to people, it lacks warmth and sincerity. I guess you do not hide it very well

3. Instead of celebrating a person’s success, you get upset and angry about it.

4. You compare yourself to others constantly

5. There is a constant need to ‘one-up’ people.

6. Gossiping is second nature and you find yourself with the person’s name in your mouth daily.

7. You downplay the successes of others while flaunting your own.

8. When people talk about someone successful, you roll your eyes.

9. You mock, jeer or imitate the person behind their back.

10. You dislike people for no conceivable reason. Sometimes even people who you do not know personally.

If four or five of these red flags apply to you, you may want to get some professional help because living in a world of hate is no world you should want to be a citizen of.

So on a scale of “green with envy” to flat out “badmind” tell us where you stand in the comments.

Written by C.W.