Oh, no! Misunderstanding leads to high drama at Reggae Girl’s funeral

A case of apparent miscommunication between the funeral home preserving the body of former Reggae Girl Tarania “Plum Plum” Clarke and Meadowrest Memorial Gardens led to high drama on Sunday.

The casket carrying the remains of the Reggae Girl was too big to fit in the funeral plot procured for her burial and this led to a squabble between family members and cemetery staff.

BUZZ fam, we know you needed to hear the entirety of it and, therefore, we made contact with Meadowrest to get clarity on what took place.

According to Winsome Stone — a spokesperson at the Meadowrest Memorial Gardens office on Carlton Crescent in Kingston — the situation is one that could have been avoided had there been better communication.

Meadowrest Memorial Gardens in Kingston. (Photo: Facebook – Meadowrest Memorial Gardens)

Explaining that Meadowrest Memorial Gardens offers different sizes in burial plots, she noted that the family of Clarke had ordered a regular size plot. She further pointed out that Clarke was buried at a premium location on the grounds, and could’ve gotten an appropriately sized plot, had the request been made by the funeral home.

“They should have ordered an extra-large hole…but it was a 32×90 they purchased,” she stressed. “This is considered a regular-sized plot, which would not have been able to fit that size casket.”

Stone explained, further, that the funeral home has the measurements for the vaults so this should not have happened.

Nevertheless, the young footballer has since been buried and the matter laid to rest.

Stone said, however, the company still has to treat with an injured worker who, luckily, did not sustain a fatal wound. A number of other workers were injured but they too seem that they will be alright.