OH-OH: German Amazon workers to strike on Black Friday

German Amazon workers chose a day that they knew would have the most impact to strike-Black Friday. It’s a day many people have saved up for- to grab deals that would be available.

But in order to secure better wages and better working conditions, the workers are being encouraged to take this bold step.

Trade union Verdi is telling workers at seven Amazon warehouses across Germany to strike for three days, including on Nov. 27, which is one of the biggest shopping days of the years because of major discounts.

The strike was scheduled to begin with the Wednesday night shift.

Germany, which has Amazon’s biggest market behind the US, has seen a series of strikes organized by Verdi since 2013 and most recently, workers refused to work during Prime Day.

At the time, a spokesman said workers have “excellent” salaries with benefits and working conditions that are comparable to similar employers.