Once thought extinct, 21 endangered Jamaican iguanas released into wild

The Jamaican Iguana Recovery Programme released 21 critically endangered Jamaican iguanas in the Hellshire Hills in St Catherine on Tuesday.

A large green iguana sits on a rock

In a series of tweet documenting the moment, the programme said that to date 489 individuals have been released back into the wild.

The Hope Zoo programme said the iguanas are all five years old.

The Jamaican Iguana was thought to be extinct for nearly half a century until it was rediscovered in the remote Hellshire Hills in 1990. It then became the subject of an intensive effort to recover the species, employing a combination of nest protection, predator control, and head start/release, the International Iguana Foundation said.

Interested individuals can help support the project by adopting a Jamaican iguana at iguanafoundation.org/adopt-an-iguana/.