A third of Jamaican youth don’t believe they are at risk at contracting coronavirus

A third of Jamaica youth do not believe they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus-COVID-19. This is according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) poll. The poll was conducted among people aged 13-29 in Jamaica through U-Report, a free and confidential youth mobile messaging platform from UNICEF.

The poll also found that less than half (39 per cent) of the 846 respondents chose all correct answers when asked how COVID-19 is transmitted. 

UNICEF also stated that the poll highlights the knowledge, thoughts and feelings of young people around the COVID-19 pandemic, with 93 per cent of Jamaican respondents agreeing that it was “very dangerous” for COVID-19 to spread to the rest of the population.

The poll results also show that Jamaican youth are mostly aware about where to find key information. Fifty-four per cent of Jamaican respondents reported that they knew of the official national COVID-19 website.

Among Jamaican respondents, 52 per cent cited social networks such as Instagram and TikTok as their main source of information, compared to 26 per cent for traditional media.

UNICEF highlighted that Jamaican youth seem to be more digital-centric compared to results from the region where 40 per cent said traditional media was their main source and 21 per cent said social media.

Together with other United Nations agencies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector, UNICEF has been supporting government efforts in all countries across Latin America and the Caribbean to engage with younger audiences through a combination of digital and offline platforms used by young people.