Opposition concerned about ‘lack’ of adequate protective gears for medical workers

Dr Morais Guy.

Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr Morais Guy is expressing concerns that medical workers who will have to interact with coronavirus (COVID-19) patients are not properly equipped with protective gears.

He spoke with BUZZ on the heels of Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton announcing Jamaica’s first case of coronavirus Tuesday afternoon (March 10).

Guy also expressed concerns that Jamaica had only three months’ supply of respiratory medication when the minister stated previously that up to 1.7 million Jamaicans could be impacted by COVID-19.

The woman who was tested positive for the virus had travelled from England.

Guy said that, in hindsight, greater precaution should have been taken as it relates to travel between Jamaica and England. He said that screening at the airports will be of greater importance to prevent any further cases coming into the island.

At the same time, he said that the Opposition will be working with the Government to help in the fight against the coronavirus.