Opposition Leader says Jamaica must change course in 2020

Dr Peter Phillips

Opposition leader Dr Peter Phillips said Jamaica must in 2020 seize the opportunity to change course if it is to carve out a better future.

“We must recommit to the vision and aspirations of our founding fathers and mothers. We must seek to build our nation on the foundations of democracy, the rule of law and the kind of economic and social development that offers equal opportunity for every Jamaican,” Dr Phillips urged, in his New Year’s message to the nation. 

He said that with 2020 shaping up to be an election year when Jamaicans will be called on to make important decisions about the future, “we must take our responsibilities seriously and prepare ourselves to do our duty on behalf of our country and chart the course”.

He reminded that hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans still exist on the margins of the society, with no access to high quality education, and live in communities without adequate access to social services and physical infrastructure.

Dr Phillips said the Opposition will continue to hold the government accountable in the new year. “We will continue to demand transparency, integrity and an end to corruption,” he said.