Opposition parties in Haiti call for resumption of street protest on Monday

Opposition political parties Sunday (Sept 29) vowed to resume their street protests on Monday in a bid to remove President Jovenel Moise from office.

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President Jovenel Moise

The opposition parties buoyed by the turn out over the past few days, said that the protests would be held on Monday and Tuesday even as the Speaker of the Senate, Carl Murat Cantave, called a meeting for Sunday of all legislators to address the “political situation” in the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country.

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Street protest on Friday in the Haitian capital

“I invite all the political groups of the Senate to be represented to an important meeting which will take place this Sunday, September 29, “Cantave said in his invitation, adding “it’s an organized meeting with the different political tendencies of the great body to discuss our differences and especially address the political situation. “The time is serious, the Senate has its word to say,” he said.

The Bishops of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti (CECH), in a September 27 letter to Moise and other senior State officials called on them to act immediately to stem the violence in the country.

On Friday, thousands of protesters took the concrete in the capital and several provincial cities, in what some political observers said was the largest anti-government protest recorded in Haiti for a very long time.

There were scenes of looting, violence as the demonstrators, armed with sticks, machetes, axes and firearms, shouted hostile remarks at the government.

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They erected barricades with tree trunks, old vehicle and burning tires on the main roads of the capital paralyzing most activities, forcing the shutdown of banks, schools, ministries and public offices.

A move by the government to establish a multi-party institutional unit to coordinate the clearing of public roads of barricades and other dangerous debris, was met by opposition parties urging supporters to ensure that the barricades remain in place.