Outrage at “rape joke”on Twitter

Tempers flared on Twitter last night following a screenshot depicting an egregious tweet by a team member of JMMB.

The young man in question posted, “I’m about to go to this night run and rape smaddy [somebody’s] daughter.” The post was accompanied by a photo of an application form for the Digicel 5K night run for special needs on Saturday, October 5.

The post elicited outrage on the social media platform, with users noting that the post was indicative of criminal intent and a potential trigger for persons who’ve been sexually assaulted.

For its part, JMMB replied promptly to indicate that the young man’s comment ran contrary to the company’s “core values” and would be dealt with according to their “policies and guidelines”.

Additionally, Digicel Jamaica which has hosted the night run for seven years without reports of major incidents, added its disapproval of the post. It noted its confidence that the matter would be dealt with appropriately by law enforcement.

Twitter users were divided on what action JMMB should take against the employee in question. Some said he should be forgiven for the post, as he did not actually commit the threatened offence.

Still, others were adamant that social media users should always remember that their lives exist beyond the various platforms and their posts have consequences.

It remains to be seen the final outcome for this particular user.