Over 11,000 get first dose of Astrazeneca vaccine in Barbados

A little over five per cent of citizens in Barbados have already received a dose of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.

An aerial shot of Bridgetown, Barbados.

The country began its roll-out on February 10, with the Ministry of Health reporting that about 1,000 individuals are inoculated daily.

According to Health Minister Lt Col Jeffery Bostic, more than 11,000 Bajans have received the jab.

However, Bostic said he would like to see a greater uptake of the vaccine from those in the vulnerable groups, as he stressed that the vaccine was deemed safe by the World Health Organization for all demographics.

Bostic further added the vaccine was particularly necessary to protect citizens from the more serious forms of the illness.

Health Minister Lt Col Jeffery Bostic

“The vaccination programme is therefore a very important weapon in the national arsenal against COVID,” he said.

“It is also expected that the present period of pause and the restriction of movement this coming weekend will help to stop the spread of COVID-19,” added Bostic.

To date, the death toll in the island from the COVID-19 virus stands at 31.