Over 1,3000 young Jamaicans trained under CSJP

The Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) Colonel Adjutant Quartermaster, Colonel Murphy Pryce (right) presents a special award to Kadian Williams who was adjudged the honour graduate, during the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) skills training graduation ceremony, which was held at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) headquarters at Up Park Camp in Kingston. The skills training programme was administered in partnership with the JDF and HEART Trust/NTA. (Photo: Adrian Walker, JIS)

More than 1,300 unattached youth from several communities have benefited from training and certification administered under the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), aimed at improving their skills and enhancing their employability.

The training was facilitated over a 15-month period in partnership with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and HEART Trust/NTA.

The undertaking, which was rolled out in 2012, focused on positively transforming the lives of young people within volatile underserved communities through social interventions.

Emphasis was placed on increasing employment, building positive attitudes and employability skills, while enhancing the beneficiaries’ soft skills in communication, information technology, report writing, and measurements and calculations.

Some 62 persons from Kingston and St. Catherine comprised the latest batch of graduates from the programme.

They were recognised during a ceremony at the JDF’s headquarters at Up Park Camp in Kingston on December 19.

The participants completed training in general construction, electrical installation, welding, plumbing and dry wall construction.

The majority of graduates were trained in more than one area, thereby enhancing their marketability and employability.

Principal of St. Anne’s Primary School in Kingston, Omar Thomas (right), presents a special award to Deandrea Dyer who received the honour graduate runner-up award during the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) skills training graduation ceremony, which was held at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) headquarters at Up Park Camp in Kingston, on December 19. (Photo: Adrian Walker, JIS)

Acting Training Administrator at the Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute (CMTTI), Warrant Officer Class 2, T. Martin, encouraged them to use their newly acquired skills to positively impact their communities.

He also invited them to make use of the opportunities presented to further sharpen their skills in order to remain up to date on the latest developments in their respective vocations.

Warrant Officer Martin noted that since the programme’s inception, 19 participants have transitioned to the JDF as officers while 13 have been employed in civilian capacities.

The JDF’s Colonel Adjutant Quartermaster, Colonel Murphy Pryce, lauded the graduates on completing their training, noting that their improved skills, knowledge and attitude will make them better citizens.

Additionally, he said the upskilling exercise will contribute to improving the society’s social fabric while boosting the beneficiaries’ economic well-being.

In her address, valedictorian, Kadian Williams, expressed appreciation on behalf of her colleagues for the initiative, pointing out that it will help in improving their marketability for employment while transforming their lives.

“Together we can all make a better contribution towards building our nation,” she said.

The general objective of the CSJP is to enhance citizen security and justice in 50 target communities.