PANDEMIC: More than 200,000 people have been infected by COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has earned its pandemic status as the disease has officially infected 204,732 people across the world as of Wednesday, March 18.

The outbreak, which traces its origins to the Hubei Province in China, has also killed 8,270 victims as at 1:25 p.m. Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT).

Across 170 countries and territories globally, more than half of the cases are active, with around 113,591 patients currently infected. Of those cases, only 6,434 or six per cent of confirmed COVID-19 cases have been classified as ‘serious or critical’ – the remaining 94 per cent of cases are being viewed as mild.

Health officials have closed 91,141 cases as the pandemic continues, with an encouraging 91 per cent of those infected recovering from the new coronavirus. The mortality rate, which hovered around three per cent before the outbreak took root across the world, has since risen threefold to nine per cent.

China, Italy and Iran still account for the lion’s share of the respective caseload and death toll. However, other European countries like Germany and Spain have reported a sharp increase in confirmed COVID-19 patients.

An update for the Caribbean, the region has seen a marked increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases, jumping from 90 to 141. The region has four deaths from the coronavirus outbreak, as the Dominican Republic reported that its first victim died from the disease on Monday, March 17.

See Caribbean breakdown of confirmed COVID-19 cases:

Guadeloupe: Nine new cases; 27 confirmed.

Dominican Republic: 10 new cases; 21 confirmed, including one death.

Martinique: Four new cases; 19 confirmed, one death included.

Jamaica: One new case; 13 confirmed.

Guyana: Four new cases; 11 confirmed, one death included.

Monserrat: One new case confirmed.

French Guiana: No new cases; 11 confirmed.

Trinidad and Tobago: Two new cases; seven confirmed.

St Martin: One new case; three confirmed.

Cuba: No new cases; seven confirmed.

Puerto Rico: No new cases; five confirmed.

Curaçao: No new cases; three confirmed

Saint-Barthélémy: No new cases; three confirmed.

Barbados: No new cases; two confirmed.

St Lucia: No new cases; two confirmed.

US Virgin Islands: No new cases; two confirmed.

Cayman Islands: No new cases; one confirmed. Patient died.

Antigua and Barbuda: No new cases, one confirmed.

The Bahamas: No new cases; one confirmed.

St Vincent and the Grenadines: No new cases; one confirmed.