Paralympian stripped of gold medal for being three minutes late

Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli’s (Photo: Fox Sports)

BUZZ Fam, we’ve all had instances when we were a little late for an appointment, Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli’s tardiness cost him his gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.

The shot putter was stripped of his gold medal after he won the men’s shot put F20 on Tuesday because he had arrived three minutes late to the competition.

Apparently, Zolkefli and two other competitors were initially allowed to participate in the event because “they may have had a logical reason for being late,” International Paralympic Committee (IPC) spokesman Craig Spence said.

“Therefore, we allowed them to compete and look at the facts of the matter afterward,” Spence added.

But later, a referee later concluded that there was “no justifiable reason for the athletes’ failure to show up to the event in time”. This is according to a statement from track and field governing body World Para Athletics.

Ukraine’s Maksym Koval was eventually awarded the silver, and his teammate Oleksandr Yarovyi got silver silver, while Greece’s Efstratios Nikolaidis claimed bronze.