Party promoters rush to make changes following PM’s announcement

Party promoters who had received approval to stage upcoming entertainment events are now in a mad rush to make adjustments following a late Monday evening (July 26) press conference held by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

During the press conference, Holness made a raft of adjustments to the current COVID-19 measures, citing an uptick in the number of new infections.

The adjustments include, limiting the amount of persons in a space and also pushing back the curfew time from 11:00pm to 8:00 p.m. during weekdays and Saturdays.

Among those seeking to make adjustments are the Dream Weekend team.

In a post on social media on Tuesday (July 27) Dream Weekend organizers told patrons that adjustments were being made in light of the announcement.

“Dream Weekend has been approved by ODPEM to stage 7 events in Negril from August 5 to 9. Based on the revised curfews we will list the adjusted event times by end of day tomorrow, July 27th,” Dream Weekend said in a release.

Organizers of the YesterYear party series, slated to be held at Pier One on July 31st, have indicated that they have also adjusted their event times to be in keeping with the new curfew hours.

The government had given the go-ahead for the reopening of the entertainment sector after cases of the virus trended down.

A number of events have since been staged including the cooler fete series, I Love Soca.