Pastor encourages congregation to wear masks when returning to church

Reverend Sean Major-Campbell

Church leaders in Jamaica are preparing to welcome their congregations to church for the first time in more than a month. But Pastor of the Christ Church in Vineyard Town, Kingston Reverend Sean Major-Campbell, is advising Christians to be guided by their consciences when flocking the churches.

“By now people should be in a position to be guided by their consciences, and the required protocols. Many church members are also over age 65, and are automatically not expected to be there,” he told BUZZ.

Reverend Campbell said his church has been having services online, but will open on Sunday. He is encouraging his congregation to wear masks.

“Right now the bigger matter seems to me to be how we do what we do whether we go to bar or church, which is to wear masks, and practice social distancing,” he said.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness announced that the government would be allowing churches and bars to reopen for a trial period of two weeks.