Pearnel Charles Jr signs code of conduct ahead of Clarendon by-election

Pearnel Charles Jr being nominated last week to contest the by-election in early March.

Candidates for the upcoming by-election in the constituency of Clarendon South Eastern affirmed their commitment to good governance and to fair campaigning by signing the Agreement and Declaration on Political Conduct (the Code) on Tuesday (Feb 18).

The Jamaica Labour Party’s Pearnel Charles Jr, and independent candidate Dereck Lambert, signed the code, along with their campaign managers.

The code governs the actions of both of the major political parties and all other legitimate political parties in Jamaica. It applies to all political players.

Justice of the Peace Stanhope Porteous, officiated at the ceremony, joining Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown. “As an independent and neutral Commission of Parliament, it is the OPO’s job to hold politicians to account on behalf of Jamaicans. These standards which they are committing to uphold reflect the very best in political behaviour, which all political actors should strive for, on behalf of the voting public,” the Political Ombudsman said.

Charles resigned from the Senate on the weekend to contest the seat. The Government has appointed Matthew Samuda as minister without portfolio in the ministry of national security, thereby fulfilling the constitutional requirement for there to be at least two Cabinet ministers in the Senate.