Pembroke Hall teacher to keep her job

Marsha Lee Crawford, the teacher who was caught on video verbally assaulting a student in her classroom, will live to fight another day.

The Pembroke Hall High School teacher gets to keep her job, after a disciplinary panel concluded that her actions only required a reprimand.

In November, a video of Crawford surfaced on social media, in which she was seen threatening to kill a student.

But the disciplinary panel stated that the education regulations prohibited the it from recommending that the teacher be suspended.

Pembroke Hall High School

It also took into consideration the fact that the teacher pleaded guilty to the charges laid against her and admitted that she had acted unprofessionally.

The panel also heard several character statements about Crawford from persons who were familiar with her.

Crawford is also to apologise to the school board in writing and on her return to teaching at the institution, is expected to publicly apologise to the school community.