Pensioner can encash April fortnightly cheques at the same time

Minister of State for Labour and Social Security, Zavia Mayne, has advised that pensioners will be allowed to encash their two fortnightly National Insurance Scheme (NIS) cheques at the same time for April.

“For persons who receive payments by way of the payment voucher, effective March 30, all payments for the month of April can be encashed at once. Ordinarily, the payments are accessible on a fortnightly basis,” he noted.

Mayne, who was speaking at a digital town hall for senior citizens on Wednesday (March 25), said the decision is part of measures by the Government to reduce the exposure of seniors to the coronavirus (COVID-19), and minimise their wait period for the funds.

“Instead of you having to go out every fortnight, you are now going out one time, because you can cash all the payments for the month of April at once,” he noted.

Under an order tabled in Parliament on Tuesday (March 24), all public-sector workers, 65 years and older, are to work from home; and those 75 years and over are to stay at home for 14 days.

In the meantime, the Government has waived the requirement for submission of the proof-of-life certificate, which pensioners are required to present in order to access benefits.

This is being waived for the next two to three months or for as long as the pandemic lasts.