Permits needed for fireworks, police caution

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ealan Powell.

As Jamaicans prepare to ring in the New Year, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Ealan Powell, is reminding persons that special permits must be granted for the use of fireworks.

“Like any other event that you have, setting off fireworks requires written permits. Permits are granted by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in collaboration with the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB), the health department and the municipal corporation,” he said.

‘Whoever you are, you do need the requisite permits to set off fireworks…’

—Ealan Powell, assistant commissioner of police

“After doing the necessary assessments, these bodies will decide if fireworks can be set off at the requested location. Whoever you are, you do need the requisite permits to set off fireworks, as it can become a safety issue,” he noted further.


In addition, ACP Powell said that the police have the right to turn off music that is causing a disturbance to residents, regardless of the extended hours granted under the Noise Abatement Act for the holiday period.

“Although there has been a two-hour extension for events under the Noise Abatement Act, the law clearly states that music from events should not be audible from 100 metres. Once the sound is audible from 100 metres, it can be and will be turned off by the police and the event operators may be charged,” he noted.